W E L C O M E   T O   T H E   P A R K 


The Perk Coffee Shop  |  8:00-11:00a

In-Person Worship  |  8:30a & 11:00a

Live Stream  |  8:30a

In-Person Bible Class  |  9:45a
{all ages}

Iglesia de Cristo  |  10:00a

Deaf Worship  |  11:00a


Small Groups  |  Various Times {per group}


Bible Class & Events  |  6:30p
{all ages}


8:30a, Sunday Worship | LiveStream

S U N D A Y ' S   M E S S A G E   @   T H E   P A R K

W H A T ' S   H A P P E N I N G   @   T H E   P A R K

We exist to create a community

of authentic believers and to witness

a city and a world transformed

by the life changing reality of the gospel,

as people come to know Jesus

as their Lord and Savior.

W E   W O U L D   L O V E   T O   C O N N E C T   W I T H   Y O U !

Come & Worship with Us!
10600 East 96th Street  |  918.615.6950
Tulsa, OK  |  74133